Success is all about the people

Joyce Fastino | The Personnel People president

When I took over The Personnel People, the business climate was challenging due to the economic uncertainty caused by the events of 9/11. This challenge and other experiences have afforded me the opportunity to learn many valuable lessons during these past 25 years. The following are especially significant for me:

n Purpose: One of the most important things I have learned throughout the years is the importance of leading a purposeful life. When I successfully place a candidate with a client company, I receive great satisfaction knowing that I have impacted their life in a meaningful way. The opportunity to assist others is priceless, and I am truly fortunate to work in a profession where I can help people.

Integrity: I’ve learned that business leaders are responsible for influencing the corporate culture and maintaining a philosophy based on integrity. This practice sustains long-term business relationships.

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Positivity: A positive attitude is contagious. In the staffing industry, people are my business. Whether I’m dealing with a client, or a candidate seeking employment, I always remain respectful, positive and enthusiastic. I also focus on being an active listener to ensure others feel understood and valued.

• Relationships: From the very beginning of my career, I have been a relentless networker. The relationships I have formed have been essential to my personal and professional development. I am truly grateful for these relationships and would not have been able to sustain my business without them. In any business, it’s all about the people.