Sweetspot Dispensary set to become state’s 4th medical marijuana facility

Plant Based Compassionate Care’s Sweetspot Dispensary, is opening its facility at 91 Pershing Ave. in South Kingstown. It will be the first compassion center to open in Rhode Island in eight years. / ASSOCIATED PRESS FILE PHOTO

SOUTH KINGSTOWN – A new medical marijuana compassion center is set to open in Rhode Island for the first time in eight years. 

Plant Based Compassionate Care’s Sweetspot Dispensary is opening its facility at 91 Pershing Ave. on June 13. 

The location will be for consultation only, Sweetspot spokesman Jason Webski said in a news release. The facility has been approved by state regulators to provide delivery services to those in both Zone 5, which is Charlestown, Exeter, Hopkinton, Narragansett, Richmond, South Kingstown and Westerly, and across the state. 

“We are going to collaborate with all cultivators and processors in Rhode Island to offer more than 19,000 Rhode Island medical marijuana cardholders diverse medical cannabis products through our innovative delivery system,” Webski said.

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Plant Based Compassionate Care was one of five marijuana dispensary applicants awarded a license in The R.I. Office of Cannabis Regulation lottery on Oct. 29. The other applicants chosen were RMI Compassion Center Inc. in Zone 1; Pinnacle Compassion Center Inc. in Zone 2; Green Wave CC, Inc. in Zone 3 and Solar Therapeutics Rhode Island, Inc. in Zone 4. 

“We are very excited to offer patients medical cannabis in all corners of the state,” said Blake Costa, president of Sweetspot Dispensary. “This demonstrates our commitment to medical cannabis patients throughout Rhode Island who have been anxiously waiting for more access. We are here and we are ready to serve, and we are working very hard to find ways to include as many cultivators as possible.” 

The Thomas C. Slater Compassion Center in Providence, Summit Medical Compassion Center in Warwick, and Greenleaf Compassion Care Center in Portsmouth are the state’s three other medicial marijuana dispensaries. Those were approved in 2009 per an amendment to the Edward O. Hawkins and Thomas C. Slater Medical Marijuana Act, which provides protections for the medical use of marijuana. 

Rhode Island on May 25 became the 19th state in the nation to legalize recreational marijuana use by adults. 

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