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NO WORRIES: Dorothy Davison, executive director of the American Council of Engineering Companies of Rhode Island, says artificial intelligence will allow engineers to be more efficient, not replace them entirely. 

‘We don’t look at AI as a terrifying thing’

How will artificial intelligence impact professional engineers? Will it improve their lives or put them out of work? Any major AI chatbot can provide answers to...
IN THE DRIVER’S SEAT: Frederick Reinhardt, CEO and president of Greenwood Credit Union, says more people were turning to Greenwood and other credit unions for auto loans as interest rates changed over the last year. 

Suddenly, auto loans popular at credit unions

Frederick Reinhardt immediately noticed something was up – way up – last year shortly after the Federal Reserve began hiking interest rates from nearly...
VALUE JUDGMENT: Karen Rice, a certified valuation analyst at the Providence accounting firm Kahn, Litwin, Renza & Co. Ltd., says it is important for business partners to agree early on about how the value of a company will be calculated to determine how an exiting partner will be compensated. 

When starting a business, don’t forget about the exit

When starting a new business, the last thing on an owner’s mind is the moment they will walk away from it. But drafting an...
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