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Bad manners are bad business

The virtuoso musician Franz Liszt once found himself at odds with a very important member of his audience. The czar of Russia, Nicholas I,...

Realize your maximum potential

A famous art professor died and went to heaven. At the pearly gates, the professor asked St. Peter, “Sir, I spent most of my...

Don’t look back in business

A farmer famed for his agricultural knowhow once hired a neighbor’s teenage son to help him do the spring plowing. The farmer believed in...

The importance of memory

American mathematician Norbert Wiener had a reputation for being a little absent-minded. According to one story, when his family moved to a new Massachusetts...

Fire up your sales force

A small-business owner was in trouble. She decided to call in an expert sales consultant to give her an outsider’s viewpoint. After she had...

Life lessons from a centenarian golfer

It is no secret I love to play golf. And it’s no secret I have conducted a lot of business on the golf course....

Raise the roof when asking for a raise

Pete walked into his boss’s office. “Ms. Smith, I’ll be straight with you. I know the economy isn’t great, but I have three companies...

The brilliance of resilience

Baseball great Babe Ruth struck out 1,330 times over the 22 seasons he played.And during those 22 seasons, he hit 714 home runs, a...

Strategies for getting unstuck

Three men were in a pickup truck driving in the woods when they got stuck in the mud. The driver became angry and began...

The importance of kindness

Two young men were out in a rowboat when it overturned. Luckily, two women were nearby in another boat and came to their aid....
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