Upserve launches EMV solution for restaurants

PROVIDENCE – Upserve, the restaurant management platform, has launched a way to give restaurateurs peace of mind when collecting chip-enabled payments.
Called the Breadcrumb Europay, Mastercard and Visa solution, Upserve said it is the only EMV kit designed specifically for restaurants. The company said it limits liability for fraudulent chargebacks while ensuring no disruption to customers’ current check delivery processes and waitstaff training.
EMV credit cards come with an embedded chip to reduce fraudulent activities. More than 600 million chip-enabled cards are in circulation within the U.S., Upserve said.
While restaurants need an EMV solution to avoid chargeback liability, many are wary of disrupting their current check delivery and collection practices. Upserve addressed these concerns head on by designing a solution with the restaurant in mind. The EMV solution is available for customers using Upserve Pro and Breadcrumb POS.
“Restaurants want to focus on hospitality, not liability,” Rosie Atkins, vice president of product at Upserve, said in a statement. “While accepting EMV cards is considered by many to be a must-have, restaurants don’t want to be forced into a product that doesn’t fit their needs. We’ve designed an affordable solution specifically for restaurateurs that covers them for the liability shift, while at the same time powering great service and delivering critical business insights. Our mission is to empower restaurants to concentrate on the guest experience and avoid costly distractions. Our approach to EMV is yet another step forward in delivering on that promise.”
More than 8,000 restaurants use Upserve to manage more than 20 million meals per month.

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