Vertikal6 finds ways to thrive through challenging times

4. Vertikal6
CEO (or equivalent): Rick Norberg
2019 Revenue: $7.8 Million
2017 Revenue: $4.2 Million
Revenue growth: 51.1%

IN SOME WAYS, remote information technology provider Vertikal6 was singularly well-prepared to deal with the challenges presented by the COVID-19 crisis.

After all, the Warwick-based company already had a raft of clients it had been supporting remotely for years. Still, March was an intense time for CEO Rick Norberg, Chief Information Officer Meredith Carroll and the rest of the team.

“Our ticket volumes doubled overnight,” Carroll said. “Tons of people were calling saying, ‘Can you help me get set up on [a virtual private network]?’ ”

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For a company that has seen impressive gains in recent years, treading water was, temporarily, going to be Vertikal6’s own accomplishment.

“My accountant says flat is the new up,” Norberg said. But, he said, for those with eyes to see them, the pandemic provided both challenges and opportunities.

“We’re evolving through this pandemic,” Norberg said, “and we’re helping our clients evolve as well. Our goal is to sling-shot out the other side.”