Wellness efforts at multiple sites

With offices and work sites around the globe, it took some planning for Gilbane Inc., to develop a companywide wellness program. The building and development company, headquartered in Providence, reports that its efforts have been successful in several ways.

“We have challenge competitions that can involve people in different locations,” said Ashley Kennison, benefits specialist.

Every day workers at offices or at work sites take a stretch-and-flex break, during which they get up together and do exercises. “That’s important when you have over 300 construction sites,” said Wes Cotter, director of corporate communications. “It’s really helped reduce back injuries.”

And the company makes fruit available as a snack in offices and at work sites. “Employees have grown accustomed to grabbing an apple instead of a candy bar,” Cotter said. n

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Number of Employees: 2,600

CEO (or equivalent): Thomas F. Gilbane Jr., chairman and CEO