Award-winning Moss Pure elevates your everyday space by improving air quality and providing therapeutic relief in a modern, aesthetically pleasing design.

Moss Pure, which won first place at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s (MIT) Lebanon Challenge, is gaining recognition for its innovative synergy of science and artful design. As a modern and unique alternative to static art or preserved moss, which is no longer living, Moss Pure uses live moss in a multi-layered design to improve air quality and provide therapeutic relief, while being an aesthetically pleasing décor piece in your homes and businesses. Recognizing the downfalls of other moss products on the market, which required time intensive watering and electricity, the company’s founder set out to create a live moss solution that does not require watering or electricity and is low maintenance.

With no need for watering, Moss Pure sustains life by absorbing the nutrients in the air around it, and in doing so, filters the surrounding air – this includes carbon dioxide, allergens, volatile organic compounds, bacteria, viruses, and specific metals. In fact, certified lab results demonstrated that just one square foot of Moss Pure captures 42% of carbon dioxide and 1.5 million pollutants that commonly contribute to allergies, asthma, respiratory disease, and even cancer. Furthermore, Moss Pure utilizes biological engineering to provide therapeutic relief and relaxation by engaging not only vision, but touch and smell senses to bring nature to your space.

Living Moss Pure pieces are made in the USA with 95% sustainable and eco-friendly material, with the Zigzag frame being comprised of 100% reclaimed wood. With the consistent and rising popularity of more eco and nature forward solutions in the home, both for utility and decoration, Moss Pure is innovating a new path of truly remarkable benefits born out of the pure and simple gift of the humble moss plant. No electricity, no upkeep, just simple, therapeutic, and beautiful nature reimagined.

About Moss Pure
Moss Pure is living moss wall art for any space. The modern design improves air quality and provides therapeutic relief from stress and anxiety – serving as beautiful decor in the process. Moss Pure’s design was created during a startup competition at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Lebanon Challenge, where it won first place, subsequently going on to achieve a top 10 standing in the United Nation’s Development Program in 2020.

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Media Contact:
Jamie Mitri
Founder and CEO, Moss Pure

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