Brown University presents revised design for new residence halls; buildings to house 350 undergrads

BROWN UNIVERSITY is planning to construct its first residence halls in 30 years, at a site on the East Side adjoining its existing Vartan Gregorian Quad. The buildings would be clad in brick. / COURTESY BROWN UNIVERSITY
PROVIDENCE – Brown University has revised its design for two new residence halls, its first in almost 30 years, reducing the height of the buildings from five stories to three stories as they approach a street populated with single-family homes. The new design also incorporates more green space facing Power Street, in front of the buildings.…
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  1. Architecture wise, our society has regressed. This is revised? Is this the best they could do? What an imposition to the people of Providence! Architecture quality sure is a lost art. These foreigners to our city are going to knock down two beautifully decorated historic homes for two big boxes with rectangular windows; oversimplified, without a well thought of design, just the usual standardized banal architecture the designers seem not to be able to ascend from. Of course, this is not for the benefit of the more permanent residents of our city, but for temporary residents who are, despite being young, cannot walk a few extra blocks from the barren land south of Wickenden Street where development could take place without again knocking down historic buildings, ad infinitum. We have to make sure that they lead sheltered, cozy lives during their stay.
    I hope our vanguard, those city officials who decide whether to approve or reject this (I don’t know what to call it), don’t just roll over and succumb to the desires and opinions of these behemoths with the bucks and power. Power should be to the people; that’s what democracy is about, but I’m afraid plutocracy shall prevail past our goaltenders.