Energy-efficiency bill could generate savings for R.I.

To the Editor,

When it comes to saving money, energy-efficiency standards might not be top of mind. But it’s a commonsense solution that can deliver big-time benefits for both your pocketbook and the environment. This year, the Rhode Island legislature is considering House Bill 5667, which proposes the adoption of energy-efficiency standards for common appliances and products. If it passes, the savings would be huge.

By 2025, the proposed standards would annually save Rhode Island enough electricity to power 8,000 homes for a year, banking state residents $23 million each year on utility bills. Beyond that financial boon, this bill would also do wonders for our planet’s health. The state water savings would be equivalent to the amount 12,000 average U.S. families consume each year. As for smog-forming pollutants, this legislation would prevent 24,000 metric tons of climate-altering, carbon dioxide emissions from entering our atmosphere, which is the equivalent of taking more than 5,200 cars off of the road each year.

This legislation is a complete win-win opportunity. By supporting it, we’ll save money and help the planet. I’m calling on my legislators to support appliance-efficiency standards. I hope you’ll call on yours to do the same.

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Allie Astor, Providence