Gilbane on a mission to improve employee health

Healthiest Employees: 500-1,999 Employees | #3. Gilbane Inc.
CEO (or equivalent): Thomas F. Gilbane Jr., CEO and chairman
Number of employees: 1,839

For the last five years, Gilbane Inc. has been on a mission to improve the overall health of its employees and their families by highlighting awareness and providing education.

At the Providence-based construction company and project manager/developer, employees and their spouses and domestic partners can take part in an annual health screening and a tobacco affidavit.

Options include participating in an on-site health screening at select Gilbane locations across the country or working with their primary care physician to complete a personal physical form, or participating in a laboratory appointment at a patient service center at more than 2,000 locations across the country. New employees are eligible for the same benefits but are also required to take part in an advanced health ­assessment.

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Gilbane also offers telephonic health coaching, at least two companywide health challenges a year, health education webinars, company newsletters, a daily stretch and flex program, and a healthy cafeteria option.

A healthy thought:
‘Our wellness mission is to support Gilbane employees and their families.’
Ashley Levesque, Benefits manager, Gilbane Inc.