Marketing is hard. It’s a long checklist in an ever-changing landscape. 

You need a clear brand and messaging that resonates with your audience. You need to be there when they’re searching and you need to stand out. 

Consumers are bombarded with content of all sorts and standing out requires more than creativity. 

Animus Studios, a video-first studio based in Riverside, RI, helps brands develop “creative courage.” 

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What is creative courage in marketing? 

Many teams have great ideas, they just don’t know what to do with them. Creative courage is when marketers have creative ideas to push their brand forward while also having the courage to get it through the red tape of their organization. It’s when you have a lot of great ideas and the ability to get buy-in. 

Why do you need it? 

Safe is easy. Any brand can execute safe ideas. Most marketing teams aren’t excited to work on safe campaigns. Creative courage can push a marketing team to embrace their storytelling super-powers in order to elevate a brand. Animus Studios believes marketers have responsibility to make content that separates your brand, connects with your audience, and energizes your team. 

How do you unlock creative courage? 

Establishing creative courage in a marketing team starts with a fresh starting point for your next campaign. Aligning a campaign to the bigger long-term vision of the brand in order to appeal to leadership. Creating a fresh campaign kickoff to change the dynamic for your creative team. You can find tips in this article or reach out to Animus Studios here

What happens when you have it? 

When marketing teams lean into ambitious ideas, we can uncover something big that sparks entirely new thoughts and ignites hearts. 

  • A more concrete and unique brand
  • An intrigued audience on the edge of their seat
  • An energized marketing team and employees

Creative courage isn’t an overnight trend to chase. It’s a foundational mindset that will withstand the test of time. 

About Animus Studios

Since 2011, Animus Studios has been helping brands find their fascinating in order to accomplish their goals and better connect with their audiences. They focus on well-crafted stories through scripted, documentary, and motion design video services. Located in Riverside, RI, they love working with organizations in Rhode Island. Their clients include Vertex Pharmaceuticals, Hexagon, Seagen, Sunovion, Thoughtworks, FootJoy, Axis Communications, Fujifilm, NASA, Global Atlantic, and BD.