Integrative Medicine- The Natural Answer to Reduced Healthcare Costs and a Healthier America


Centers for Integrative Medicine and Healing Providence Rhode Island, March 30, 2015.

It’s no surprise that Americans have one of the highest costing healthcare systems in the world.We’re talking GDP worthy comparable costs. Americans spend over $9,000.00 per capita per year on healthcare, that’s over $3.2 trillion spent in 2014 which is more than 17% of the world’s largest GDP.

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Face it, there is a pill for anything and everything, from Acid Reflux, to Crohn’s, Chronic Pain, Sexual Dysfunction, Migraines and more. We have been taught, well maybe even trained, that a pill is the answer to our healing and health. But what if there was a natural way to heal your body, all patents pending aside, what if there was one integrative solution that treated and healed from the root cause of your symptoms that made you healthier, symptom free, happier and came along with an improved lifestyle and well-being where the only side effect you should anticipate is improvement. Sound too good to be true? Well it is very good and very true. Welcome to the emerging world of Integrative Medicine.

Integrative Medicine was developed in the 1950’s by Chinese doctors and practitioners when the country was faced with poverty and extremely high Western Medicine costs to treat the ill. Because of this situation, Chinese doctors began to merge Classical Chinese Medicine and Western Medicine together to create the first Integrative Medicine System. Acute health problems were treated with many Western Medicine modalities and more chronic illness and chronic pain were treated with Oriental Medicine techniques. When we speak about Oriental Medicine we are speaking of Chinese herbal therapy and supplements, Acupuncture and other natural and effective Classical Chinese Medicine modalities that are successful in treating chronic health issues.

A perfect example of Integrative Medicine advancement and success can be found in the country’s smallest state, Rhode Island. In the small state of Rhode Island Integrative Medicine is making big moves, just visit Providence Rhode Island’s very own Centers for Integrative Medicine and Healing (CIMH). This nationally renowned Integrative Medicine and Acupuncture Clinic is not only among the busiest in the United States, but is also the most advanced in the country. Led by one of the leading authorities of Oriental Medicine and Acupuncture in the United States, Dr. Tad Sztykowski. Dr. Tad stops at no expense to treat, heal and restore health in as many people as possible through his highly effective Integrative Medicine treatments. At CIMH Dr. Tad and his team treat patients from all walks of life with a variety of health conditions ranging from, chronic pain, Lyme Disease, Arthritis, Infertility, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Digestive Disorders, Sciatica, Spinal Stenosis, Allergies and even Cancer, to name a few.

Dr. Tad, founder of the Foundation for Integrative Medicine and Former Vice President of the American Association of Oriental Medicine brings 40 years of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine expertise to CIMH. At CIMH he leads his elite, hand selected, passion driven team of doctors and staff to provide the highest level of natural integrative treatments for chronic pain, illness and disease. Dr. Tad and Centers for Integrative Medicine and Healing have a 97% success rate with their custom tailored Integrative Medicine treatments. This successful response rate not only draws significant attention in the natural medicine community in Rhode Island and Southern New England but is also supported by thousands of inspiring patient testimonials. Their website (WWW.CIMH.COM) hosts an abundance of useful information on their services, doctors, most common health conditions treated, treatment methods and even a Virtual Symptom Indicator™ that allows you to interactively communicate pain points and areas of concern virtually with CIMH doctors and care managers, allowing the team to better understand your health issues and serve you more effectively and efficiently.

Many patients that CIMH treats have come to them as a last resort in hope of finally finding a successful treatment or answers for their condition or have exhausted their healthcare options due to repetitive encounters of only achieving simple symptomatic relief through pain medications or antibiotics. Remember, Centers for Integrative Medicine and Healing is “Integrative” meaning that they “integrate” their treatments with Eastern and Western Medicine. So from an integrative view, short term use of antibiotics to treat something as common as strep throat or a bacterial infection is absolutely a well agreed upon treatment method, however, long term use of these medications for chronic health issues can have debilitating side effects on the body and immune system. This is where natural Oriental Medicine Modalities such as Acupuncture and herbal therapy play a major role in treating the root cause of chronic health conditions because of its zero negative side effects and many beneficial effects on the body, overall.

Remember the Hippocratic Oath “First do no harm”, with this in mind, the Oriental integrative approach to treatment does just that. There are no long legal lines or 1 minute runs of lengthy side effects with Oriental Medicine. Can you imagine watching a pharmaceutical commercial and hearing a long list of positive effects the medication has on the body? Maybe you can’t because we have been programmed for a long time now to just accept that, “yea, there are always side effects.” When you step back away from the attempted distraction of an elderly woman happily waltzing through a beautiful lavender meadow smiling with her granddaughter and isolate all the negative side effects so graciously mentioned in the commercial that can have negative effects on your body (even death in some cases) when it is supposed to be healing and helping you, well, the waltz through the meadow stops.

Going back to the previous question, “Can you imagine watching a pharmaceutical commercial and hearing a long list of positive effects the medicine has on the body?” Well, here is what it might look like if you choose to go the Oriental and Integrative Medicine route: May cause increased energy, less stress and anxiety in your life accompanied by a healthier, happier lifestyle with improved well-being and resilience. May decrease sick days taken at work and improve employee productivity as well as improve immune system function and decrease chronic pain in many cases with long-term results. If that came across your screen the world might just stop and realize more than ever that there are alternative natural treatment options that are much more beneficial and effective for long-term chronic health condition treatment.

In the long run Integrative Medicine Clinics such as CIMH can decrease out of pocket costs, decrease companies and individuals healthcare costs, lower emotional stress and put a stop to frustration and disappointment within many patients who are looking for an answer to eliminate and improve chronic health conditions. Whether you are a company looking to create healthier happier employees, cut healthcare costs and increase work productivity or are an individual with chronic pain and illness that is looking for an improved lifestyle without pain and discomfort, Integrative Medicine is the natural and effective answer for you.

By treating and healing from the root cause of an ailment and not just simply hiding and temporarily relieving symptoms, medication costs decrease, your health improves and best of all your body is doing what it was made to do, heal itself. Your body’s ability to heal itself naturally is the least expensive treatment method for your body with the most valuable results.