Monday, October 3, 2022


Vol. 36 No. 26 - Providence Business News

Featured & Hot Topics


Providence Living builds on rapid growth, adds architecture division

In the past year, Providence Living has bought prominent properties throughout the city, including the Hotel Dolce Villa on Federal Hill, the former Club...

Something New

Budding medical marijuana cultivator has high expectations for expansion

A marijuana company called Hangar 420 recently landed in Rhode Island, bringing with it a cargo of rare strains such as “Do Si Sherbert”...


Hospitals find good, bad in hiring travel nurses

For most hospitals, employing travel nurses isn’t new: before the COVID-19 pandemic, Kent County Memorial Hospital in Warwick typically had eight to 10 travel...

It's Personal

Beware of a mismanaged cloud

Organizations’ failure to properly manage the servers they lease from cloud service providers can allow attackers to receive private data, research my colleagues and...


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