Lifespan takes holistic angle toward healthy staffers

Healthiest Employees: 5,000+ Employees | #6. Lifespan Corp.
CEO (or equivalent): Dr. Timothy J. Babineau, CEO and president
Number of employees: 14,791

As Rhode Island’s largest health care provider, Lifespan Corp. provides care to many of the state’s residents. With its employees, the health care provider takes its approach one step forward, with programs to help their health, finances and retirement plans by adopting a holistic approach.

Lifespan offers several different programs for employees to help their health and overall well-being.

For instance, providing health care for employees features Team Lifespan, with voluntary benefits, including: health and wellness plans; providing a tobacco-free campus; digital and wearable opportunities; fitness classes and consultations; and nutrition classes. Lifespan’s approach also expands for helping employees train for 5K road races. Information is also distributed through newsletters and printed materials at benefits fairs.

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All its efforts are part of the company’s goal to expand growth and engagement by embracing C.A.R.E. (compassion, accountability, respect and excellence).

A healthy thought:
‘Lifespan’s health and wellness program is a segment of the visionary commitment to total rewards and holistic well-being.’
Sheila Jacobs, Wellness manager, Lifespan Corp.