Super Affiliate, Tim Houston, markets over 2,000 products himself and lives the affiliate lifestyle. Over the last four years, he has researched and assembled a premier set of resources, programs and networks that he is now offering to new Internet marketers via a mini-course called “Affiliate Marketing: 5 Days to Success”. His goal is to help new Internet marketers shorten their learning curve in reaping the benefits of affiliate marketing and reduce their risk by sharing proven resources.

This mini-course is packed with practical, real information derived from his own experience. Included are tips, techniques, personal “tricks” and access to his preferred no or low cost tools in order to establish, cultivate and maintain a substantial online livelihood. This type of information is not generally offered in the marketplace, much less accessible to budding entrepreneurs, however, Mr. Houston is motivated.

“I have been able to create a solid income as a full-time affiliate marketer that affords me the opportunity to travel when I choose to and purchase the few toys that I desire. I have a strong interest in helping others succeed in this business because it has been so good to me.”, says Mr. Houston.

This type of approach has proven attractive to more seasoned Internet marketers as well, in that has become a site to watch for trends, solid products and no-nonsense guidance.

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The mini-course is available at