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ANALYSTS believe that despite the cash freed up by the recent tax bill, companies will still borrow money to execute mergers and acquisitions. / BLOOMBERG

Big M&A deals seen keeping corporate borrowing spree alive

NEW YORK - Get ready for what could be another record year for corporate borrowing.The U.S. tax overhaul is freeing up cash for companies and...

Amazon threat looms as Walgreens surveys health care landscape

NEW YORK - The remaking of the U.S. health care industry is gaining speed, and some of the industry’s biggest players are racing to make...
HOSPITALIZATION RATES for flu have reached record levels, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, increasing at the highest rate since the 2014-2015 season. / BLOOMBERG

Historic flu season drives sales across the health care industry

NEW YORK - A historically bad flu season has sent Americans to the doctor in droves - and given a boost to companies across the...
CVS HEALTH CORP. reported a $6.6 billion profit for 2017. / BLOOMBERG FILE PHOTO.CHRISTOPHER LEE

CVS’ 2017 profit jumps on tax cut boon

WOONSOCKET – CVS Health Corp. on Thursday reported a $6.6 billion profit for 2017, an increase of 24.5 percent from the prior year's $5.3...

Personality tests failing workers

If you applied for a job recently, there’s a good chance that you were subjected to a personality test. In some areas, the tests...
CVS HAS PROMISED that increased transparency will be required by 2020 for beauty imagery that has been altered for its CVS Pharmacy division. / BLOOMBERG FILE PHOTO/CHRISTOPER LEE

CVS promises transparency for its beauty imagery alterations

WOONSOCKET – CVS Pharmacy, the retail division of CVS Health Corp., announced Monday it has committed to create new standards for postproduction alterations of...
CVS HEALTH CORP. intends to keep Aetna Inc. headquarters in Hartford, Conn. / BLOOMBERG FILE PHOTO/MICHAEL NAGLE

CVS plans to keep Aetna HQ in Hartford

WOONSOCKET – CVS Health Corp. does not plan to relocate Aetna Inc.’s headquarters out of Hartford, Conn., according to a CVS spokeswoman Friday.Aetna had...
CVS HEALTH has acquired Portland, ME - based Apothecary By Design / BLOOMBERG FILE PHOTO/CHRISTOPHER LEE

CVS acquires Maine Apothecary By Design specialty pharmacy

WOONSOCKET – CVS Health Corp. has acquired Portland, Maine based Apothecary By Design’s specialty pharmacy business from New York-based BelHealth Investment Partners Jan. 7, and plans...
BOTH CVS HEALTH CORP. AND AETNA INC. were talking to other potential partners during early discussions that led to their $68 billion merger. / BLOOMBERG FILE PHOTO /MICHAEL NAGLE

Aetna and CVS were talking to others during takeover process

NEW YORK - CVS Health Corp. and Aetna Inc. were both talking to other potential partners during early discussions that led to their $68 billion...

CVS’s megadeal to change U.S. health care faces stiff challenges

NEW YORK - Walking the aisles of a CVS drugstore, there are piled paper towels, stacked cereal boxes, and neat lines of nail polish....
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