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Bruce Newbury

R.I.’s premier food trade show offers a taste of tomorrow

A who’s who of chefs, restaurateurs, grocers, wholesalers and distributors from all over the country were in Providence on April 23 to have a...
Bruce Newbury

Rhode Island did Krispy Kreme doughnut rollout first

Krispy Kreme Inc. seems to be having a ­moment. A month ago, the food service world was reporting with breathless excitement about a collaboration that...
Bruce Newbury

You can get there from here

Restaurant owners are, by nature, resilient. Every service presents new and unique challenges. A special runs out too quickly, perhaps by popular demand. A...
Bruce Newbury

Dining out: Much more than fun, games

“Eatertainment” is a term made up by restaurant industry writers to describe venues that combine pub-type food for grown-ups with arena and arcade games,...
Bruce Newbury

Hot wieners have a long history in Olneyville

Hot wieners from the New York System shop in the Olneyville section of Providence are their own food group. Greg Stevens, who co-owns the iconic...
Bruce Newbury

Young chefs hone their skills during annual culinary competition

One of the many bright spots on the restaurant rows in Providence, Newport and many other dining destinations in our state is the substantial...
Bruce Newbury

Golden age of pizza

We may be living in the golden age of pizza. Some experts who spend time closely monitoring and writing about the dish say so....
Bruce Newbury

Pop Up Supper Club returns at Castle Hill Inn

If you need something to brighten up your winter and your fatigued taste buds, Castle Hill Inn may have just the thing. The iconic...
Bruce Newbury

Enlisting for wine knowledge at boot camp

A new year is a great opportunity to gain new knowledge. The idea of a clean slate can be very appealing. Just as appealing...
Bruce Newbury

Newport Restaurant Group bringing European cuisine to Narragansett with Celeste

Most any restaurant has its own personality. Call it the “vibe” in the dining room, on the menu and among the staff. We know...
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