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Citizens receives 2nd-most CFPB complaints per deposits in U.S. in 2018

PROVIDENCE – Citizens Financial Group Inc. ranked No. 2 on a list of banks with the most 2018 Consumer Financial Protection Bureau complaints related...
OF DEBT AND ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT: Rhode Island ranked next to the bottom of a list of the states with the highest average student-loan debt for Class of 2017 graduates, presenting a significant impediment to the state’s economic future. 

High student debt is impediment to R.I.’s future economic health

The latest student-debt rankings put Rhode Island near the top – and not in a good way.According to LendEDU, an online student lending tool,...
ON WEDNESDAY, LendEDU released its third Student Loan Debt by School & State report. For the second time in three years, Rhode Island was ranked second-worst in the nation for average student loan debt. / COURTESY LENDEDU

LendEDU: Twice in 3 years, R.I. student debt second-worst in nation

PROVIDENCE – In one year, average student debt among Rhode Islanders has jumped 15.78 percent for an average $35,371 per Class of 2017 borrower...
LESS THAN 5 percent of homeowners with home equity loans knew about the removal of interest deductions as part of the new tax law, according to a new survey by LendEdu.com, an online marketplace for student loan refinancing.

Survey: Confusion about tax law impact on home equity loans

PROVIDENCE – Less than 5 percent of homeowners with home equity loans knew about the removal of interest deductions as part of the new...
A NEW STUDY by online student loan financing company LendEdu reveals that people on average spend $169 on Halloween, mainly consisting of candy, costumes and decorations. / COURTESY LENDEDU

Study: Halloween on average costs $169 per person

PROVIDENCE – With Halloween rapidly approaching, a new study shows people on average spend $169 on the scary holiday.LendEdu, an online student loan financing...
A NEW SURVEY shows that weddings are an expensive affair for attendees, which pay on average more than $1,000 to attend. / COURTESY LENDEDU

Study: Weddings on average cost more than $1,000 to attend

PROVIDENCE – Moving into the tail-end of wedding season, a new survey shows people are spending on average $1,386 to attend the big day.LendEdu,...
A NEW REPORT by LendEdu shows employees engaged in fantasy football cost businesses money in lost productivity. The above graph shows 39 percent of respondents to an online survey play season-long fantasy football, 24 percent play daily fantasy football and 37 percent play both. / COURTESY LENDEDU

Report: Fantasy football costs businesses in lost productivity

HOBOKEN, N.J. – Fantasy-football players spend hours each week on strategy, which could be costing businesses thousands in lost productivity.A new report by LendEdu,...
A RECENT LENDEDU study that surveyed 500 millennials between the ages of 17 and 37 concluded millennials have an intermediate understanding of credit scores. /COURTESY LENDEDU

Study: Millennials could afford to learn more about credit scores

PROVIDENCE – A new study shows one in every five millennials have never checked their credit scores.A study released last week by LendEdu, an...
ROGER WILLIAMS UNIVERSITY graduates entered the job market carrying more student debt than graduates from any other university in the state. /COURTESY ROGER WILLIAMS UNIVERSITY

Rhode Island ranks in U.S. top 10 for most student loan...

PROVIDENCE – Students graduating from Rhode Island-based four-year public and nonprofit private colleges and universities in 2016 entered the job market carrying the nation’s...
A RECENT LENDEDU survey shows most millennials are using credit cards to build a credit history, but survey results show some practices could end up hurting them in the long run. /COURTESY LENDEDU

LendEdu: Most millennials using credit cards to build credit history

HOBOKEN, N.J. – A recent LendEdu survey shows most millennials are using credit cards to build a credit history, but survey results show some...
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