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The real reason Walmart raised its minimum wage

“Walmart workers” used to be a handy synonym for “low-paid.” But over the past few years, the company has steadily raised the wage it...

Broken politics encourages deficit busting

If you stayed up until the wee small hours earlier this month to watch the passage of the Republican tax bill, you heard a...

Libertarians were wrong on school vouchers

Twenty years ago, when libertarians looked out over a nation dotted with failing schools, we had hope. We saw what we expected to see:...

Save for retirement before kids’ college

Every year, investment firm T. Rowe Price does an annual survey called “Parents, Kids and Money.” Buried in that survey I found some alarming...

It’s too easy to go to grad school

Almost 20 years ago, when I was applying to MBA programs, the conventional wisdom was that unless you could get into a top-10 program,...

Conservatives sour on colleges, understandably

Despite decades of talk radio hosts complaining about pointy-headed liberal academics, Republicans in 2010 were still pretty fond of higher education. Fifty-eight percent of...
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