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GOV. GINA M. RAIMONDO announced Tuesday that two new cases of COVID-19 have been confirmed, and Microsoft Corp. will provide all businesses of all sizes in Rhode Island free Office 365 programs for six months. / PBN FILE PHOTO/ELIZABETH GRAHAM

2 new COVID-19 cases identified; R.I. businesses to receive assistance

PROVIDENCE – Two more positive COVID-19 have been identified in Rhode Island, increasing the state’s total to 23, and state officials announced Tuesday some...
THE NSA said it has found a critical vulnerability in the Windows operating systems, encouraging users to patch their software. / BLOOMBERG NEWS FILE PHOTO/SIMON DAWSON

National Security Agency discovers flaw in Microsoft Windows

WASHINGTON – The National Security Agency announced that it had found a “critical vulnerability” in Microsoft Corp.’s Windows operating systems that could enable cyber...
MICROSOFT SAID THE FIX to the most recent Intel chip security flaw could significantly slow servers and personal computers. /BLOOMBERG FILE PHOTO/HECTOR GUERRERO

Microsoft says chip fix may significantly slow some servers

NEW YORK - Microsoft Corp. said fixes for security flaws present in most processors may significantly slow down certain servers and dent the performance of some...
John E. Ottaviani

Medium and small businesses are big targets for cyberattacks

How can anyone not be aware of cybersecurity? Reports of large-scale data breaches, hacking and cyberattacks appear in the media almost daily. Phishing and...
MORE THAN 75,000 COMPUTERS in 99 countries were hacked in a ransomware attack on Friday holding many computers hostage until a ransom is paid. /BLOOMBERG

Extortionist hack of U.K. hospitals part of worldwide attack

NEW YORK - Extortionist hackers who may be using leaked computer exploits from the U.S. National Security Agency infiltrated computers in dozens of countries...

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