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Jessica Norris Granatiero

To Savor: 4 little-known wine gems

We often gravitate toward the familiar in almost anything we do, whether it is going to our favorite restaurants or vacation spots. The same...
Jessica Norris Granatiero

To Savor: Piedmont and its special vineyards

My work in the wine industry during the last 17 years has given me the ability to travel to Italy. Long, winding roads flanked...
Jessica Norris Granatiero

Sipping without guilt

Each year many of us put forth our resolutions for a new year. They often include “eat better, exercise more, drink less,” helping us...
Jessica Norris Granatiero

To Savor: Finding perfect marriages

The holiday season is often one when we treat others and ourselves to special items – travel, food, dinners out and, of course, meaningful...
Jessica Norris Granatiero

To Savor: A few thankful pairings

The upcoming Thanksgiving holiday is always one of my favorites. The mix of dishes and aromas that come with them is so inviting. I...
Jessica Norris Granatiero

To Savor: A taste of southern France in a bottle

Recently I traveled to southern coastal France, specifically Narbonne. It lies along the Mediterranean, one hour south of Montpelier and three hours north of...

To Savor: Cabernet franc is a hidden gem

Cabernet franc is a grape variety that jazzes me. Unless you are in the wine industry or a wine aficionado, you may not have...
JUST CHILLING: Four red wines that can be served on the cooler side. 

To Savor: Reds made for chilling

I just returned from Narbonne, in the south of France along the Mediterranean. While there, I encountered 100-degree weather, a natural partner for light...

To Savor: 3 lesser-known delights

NORTHERN ITALY is filled with a beautiful and diverse landscape of vineyards, wines and the families who make them. Earlier this year, as the...
Jessica Norris Granatiero

To Savor: Wine in a can? There are many good ones

While consumers have known about wine in bottles, bags and boxes for many years, wine in cans is a newer phenomenon of which many...
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