The Town Dock | Calamari


THE STORY: Narragansett-headquartered The Town Dock has been serving customers worldwide since 1980. It offers many product lines of frozen calamari and whole squid, and its flagship product is The Town Dock Rhode Island Calamari.

› Town Dock calamari and squid are primarily sold into foodservice channel, but they do have a consumer line of Town Dock-branded calamari found in retail

› Town Dock sources squid from around the globe, including domestically from company- and independently owned fishing vessels

› Rhode Island Calamari is made from the first and only squid fishery to be certified as sustainable by the Marine Stewardship Council

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› The Town Dock has 92 employees

› The squid is caught, cleaned, processed and packed into one of four variations of calamari: tubes and tentacles, tubes only, rings and tentacles, and rings only

Jaime Lowe is a PBN contributing writer.