Virtual dissection table aids St. Mary Academy students’ biology research

ST. MARY ACADEMY Bay View students, from left, Ishita Rai of Warwick, Lauren DiSanto of Johnston and Trinity Bauer of Woonsocket test the features of the Anatomage Table, a virtual human dissection table. / COURTESY ST. MARY ACADEMY BAY VIEW

EAST PROVIDENCE – Earlier this month, St. Mary Academy Bay View announced the purchase of a virtual human dissection table to provide scientific imagery to enhance instruction and learning in the science, technology, engineering and math fields at the elementary and secondary school for girls.

Known as an Anatomage Table, the piece of technology is 81 inches long and through a touchscreen allows students to explore and interact with a diagram of the human body from outside to inside.

“With the Anatomage virtual dissection table, our students will be able to visualize and understand anatomical structures and interrelated concepts in as lifelike a manner as possible,” said Janell Johnson, St. Mary Academy Bay View science department co-chair, in a statement. “This is a privilege usually reserved for medical and graduate students, as well as organizations such as the Mayo Clinic.”

Built into the software are hundreds of case studies – involving human examples and animal cases – that will help to illustrate various aspects of advanced biology research, as well as other STEM areas for the students.

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The table is expected to arrive at the East Providence campus next month and the first classes to incorporate it into their curriculum will be upper school students researching human anatomy and physiology, advanced placement biology, and forensic science.

The purchase of the technology was made possible by a $50,000 grant from the Champlin Foundation in addition to community and donor contributions.

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