Fidelity aims for financial and physical well-being

Healthiest Employees: 5,000+ Employees | #3. Fidelity Investments
CEO (or equivalent): Abigail P. Johnson, CEO and chairman
Number of employees: 37,000

Fidelity Investments wants its clients to be financially fit. It wants its 37,000 employees to be physically and mentally healthy for life.

The financial-services firm’s “Well for Life” program goes beyond traditional benefits of health care, dental and vision to create healthier employees and families. The company provides healthy dining options, on-site fitness centers and wellness clinics, meditation programs and free health screenings.

Some of its more-innovative tactics for improving physical and mental well-being include on-site ping-pong tables and bean-bag toss boards, which help foster socialization and provide mental breaks. Employees can also reserve 30-60-minute sessions at the company’s 28 walking work stations – standing desks equipped with treadmills.

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Fidelity also invests $16 million annually in its nutrition program. Employees purchasing FIT meals – those deemed to be healthy based on calories, fat and sodium content – receive free fruit and earn credits toward future meals.

A healthy thought:
‘Fidelity supports and sponsors broad well-being tenets … through the provision of healthy dining, on-site fitness centers [and other benefits].’
Julie Morris, Manager, benefits analysis, Fidelity Investments