Five Questions With: Dianne Lemay

Dianne Lemay, a licensed Realtor with 13 years of real estate experience, has joined Randall, Realtors in its Watch Hill offices in Westerly. Lemay, who is licensed in both Rhode Island and Massachusetts, previously was at Keller Williams Luxury Homes International. She responded recently to questions posed by the Providence Business News.

PBN: What are the differences between representing luxury buyers or sellers, and homeowners with homes in the $300s? How does this change your role as Realtor? 

LEMAY: There is no difference. My role is to represent each client utilizing my expertise and knowledge of my market area while making sure they understand the process and making myself available to them to ensure quick responses to their questions.

PBN: What attracted you to the profession? 

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LEMAY: I have always been in the customer service industry, starting my career in the medical field and owning a salon for 25 years. When a friend asked me to help him with an open house, it was clear to me that this was going to be my next career.

PBN: What was the first thing you learned as a young Realtor? And a learning experience story you can share?

LEMAY: There are many personalities out there and we need to make sure we know who we are dealing with. It makes life as an agent much easier. [A learning experience story you can share?] Always know where the septic tank cover is before inspection. We had three people, all with shovels, digging up a front yard once and it was not pretty.

PBN: What is the most memorable sale of your career so far?

LEMAY: My first sale, when a friend of a friend entrusted me to sell their home. I was so grateful. The first potential buyer walked in and put her hands to her face and said, “Oh my, look at that kitchen!” I knew she was going to buy, and she did.

PBN: How has the public perception of Westerly and Watch Hill changed over the years? Is it now well-known beyond the Northeast?

LEMAY: Yes, having a 5-Star resort like the Ocean House, our beautiful beaches, plenty of trendy shops, fine dining and of course, having our very own celebrity in Taylor Swift has put us on the map for sure. The younger buyers are moving in and bring with them their family and friends, which changes the dynamics of the area. It’s wonderful to see and such a beautiful place to live.

Mary MacDonald is a staff writer for the PBN. Contact her at