Managing in an ecosystem of stress

Todd Knapp | Envision Technology Advisors LLC CEO

Since humans took their first steps, life has been complicated, but never more than today. In the last 25 years, a global communication network has made the world a smaller place.

Most people have some form of a screen in front of them throughout the day providing instant notification of mass shootings, racial tensions, an uncertain political landscape and a host of other stressors. Frankly, it’s ­overwhelming.

Now more than ever, I believe that employers have an obligation to help the people that work for them find balance and feel the relief that comes from having a positive effect on the world. Building a culture of innovation, change and awareness is one way we, as employers, can help.

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At Envision we’ve been putting our team’s values to work. Inwardly, we’ve eliminated all plastic to reduce waste. We’ve replaced our wasteful Keurig with a landfill-friendly brewer. We’ve had wellness clinics focused on financial planning, budgeting and stress management. We’ve looked to the community and participated in events supporting coral reef recovery, foster children, MS research and cancer awareness. We’ve also celebrated the victories we’ve had with clients and reminded our people that those efforts strengthen our clients and improve lives.

We have an obligation to help our people push back the boundaries of fear and uncertainty. We need to help them feel better about the world. At Envision, we include our people in the conversation. These aren’t just initiatives the management team implemented; they were suggestions from our people that we listened to.