Mobile Beacon digital inclusion program serves Austin

JOHNSTON – Bridging the Gap, a nonprofit-led program of PCs for People and Johnston-based Mobile Beacon distributed computers and internet service to low-income students in Austin, Texas. According to a press release, the computers were distributed in cooperation with the city of Austin and the Austin Independent School District.

Through the initiative, 127 refurbished computers were distributed, along with 78 4G LTE mobile hotspots and three months of unlimited internet service to 20 elementary and middle schools.

“The wealth of knowledge they will acquire through their new tools will allow them to make a more-informed decision in employment, education, wellness, community and civic engagement,” said Griselda Rodriguez, special projects coordinator for the Austin Independent School District.

PCs for People provided on-site basic computer training and additional resources. The city of Austin provided decommissioned computers for refurbishing and redistribution, and Mobile Beacon donated mobile-hotspot devices and monetary support.

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Susan Shalhoub is a PBN contributing writer.