PBN shifts to digital weekly edition amid COVID-19 threat

PROVIDENCE – Starting this week, Providence Business News is pausing the printing of its physical print product and will publish its weekly paper online as a digital edition.

This marks the first time in the 34-year history of the paper that a print edition has not been mailed out to readers. The action is a response to the health-emergency crisis caused by COVID-19, as well the economic pressures that have accompanied the disease.

The paper’s subscriber-only content is also temporarily free for access.

This week’s e-edition is available to view here.

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“The governor has asked everyone to work remotely, and in order to continue to get our information out to those who need it, we are sending it to where they are, versus where they can’t get it,” said PBN Publisher Roger Bergenheim. Many of the paper’s print editions are mailed to offices that are now closed in response to the COVID-19 threat.

Bergenheim added the move also lessens the chance of spreading the new coronavirus.

“It was a hard decision to make, especially because we hadn’t heard of anyone else doing it, but ultimately, I think it was the right thing to do for our readers and advertisers,” he said.

The paper will resume physical editions when the public health crisis lessens.

Those who wish to subscribe to PBN and support local business journalism may do so here.