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BUDGET IMPASSE: Providence Mayor Jorge O. Elorza and the City Council are deadlocked over the fiscal 2020 budget in ways that can be difficult to understand. / PBN FILE PHOTO/STEPHANIE ALVAREZ EWENS

City budget process yields little beyond different sets of reality

The imbroglio of the moment involves the budget for Providence, or rather, the two budgets submitted separately by Mayor Jorge O. Elorza and the...
PROVIDENCE City Council and Mayor Jorge O. Elorza are still at odds over their proposals for the city's fiscal 2020 budget. / PBN FILE PHOTO/CHRIS BERGENHEIM

Providence City Council and Elorza at odds over budget

PROVIDENCE – The Providence City Council Finance Committee approved a $770 million budget for fiscal 2020 over the weekend that among other things includes...
THE PROVIDENCE CITY COUNCIL said it will introduce a single property tax rate. / PBN PHOTO CHRIS BERGENHEIM.

Providence council backs off tiered homestead, announces plan for single tax...

PROVIDENCE – The city will not gain legislative authority to alter its property tax rate structure this year and City Council leaders have announced...

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