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Daily routine

What time do you typically start your day? 5-6 a.m.: 56% 6-7 a.m.: 22% 7-8 a.m.: 22% 8-9 a.m.: 0% Later than 9 a.m.: 0% What is your morning routine...

News to use?

Has your consumption of local/national news increased in the past year? Yes: 83.3% No: 16.7% Do you mostly follow local or national news? Split about equally: 50% National: 33.3% Local:...

News of the day

Do you closely follow the news on a regular basis? Yes: 88.9% Sometimes: 11.1% No: 0% Where do you primarily get your news from? Television: 33.4% Newspapers/magazines: 22.2% Online outlets: 22.2% Radio:...


Do you or your company closely follow local news reports? Yes: 92.86% No: 7.14% Where do you get your local news from? PBN: 42.86% Other newspapers/magazines: 28.57% Online news outlets:...
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