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Showing thanks

Are there things your company is thankful for this year? Yes: 100% No: 0% What is your business thankful for? (Select any that apply) The health of our...

Meeting challenges

What are the challenges your company is facing today? (Select any that apply) The solvency of our partners, supply chains, etc.: 29% Keeping workers safe and...

A shifting landscape

Has the business landscape for your company changed dramatically since the COVID-19 pandemic began? Yes: 75% No: 25% What has changed that impacts your business? (Select any...

Hiring as an indicator

Has your company hired any new workers since May? Yes: 71% No: 29% How many new hires have you added during that timeframe? Less than 10 employees: 29% We...

Reopening your office

Are you in the process of reopening your office so that staff can return? Yes: 44% No: 33% We have been operating with staff in-office throughout the...

New ways of working

Is your company operating in new ways due the impact of the coronavirus? Yes: 83% No: 17% In what way has your company modified or transformed...

Tracking COVID-19’s impact

Is your company analyzing data to track the impact of the coronavirus on your business? Yes: 100% No: % What are you hoping to accomplish by using...

Winter blues

Does the wintry weather impact your company’s operation negatively? No: 66.7% Yes: 33.3% In what ways does the winter weather hamper your company’s operation? (Select any that...

Sweet inspiration

What source of inspiration have you employed to try to improve or drive your staff’s performance? (Select any that apply)? A financial reward of some...

Post-holiday hangover

Has your company or staff ever experienced a post-holiday business/productivity hangover? No: 70% Yes: 30% What area(s) of your business did this hangover seem to impact the...

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