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INCREASED GIVING: United Way of Rhode Island President and CEO Cortney Nicolato, center, talks with Jason Boulan, project manager, digital media marketing, and Angela Bannerman Ankoma, executive vice president, director of community investment. Nicolato said the nonprofit has so far seen an increase in giving this year.

Proving value key to preserving donations

The new federal tax law implemented this year – with a doubling of the standard deduction amount allowed for individuals and married couples –...

Politics makes fundraising complex

It is standard fare for Rhode Island to have ballot measures that involve public expenditures for broad social goals, be it affordable housing, or...
COLLECTION OF THE 1 percent meal and beverage tax in Rhode Island increased 0.5 percent year over year in July to $2.78 million. / BLOOMBERG FILE PHOTO/LUKE MACGREGOR

DOR: July 1% meal and beverage collection relatively unchanged at $2.78M

PROVIDENCE – Collection of the 1 percent meal and beverage tax in Rhode Island totaled $2.78 million in July, a 0.5 percent increase year...

Tax sugar-sweetened drinks to fight obesity

Eating too much added sugar has become one of the riskiest health behaviors in the modern world. None too soon, governments are waking up...

Five Questions With Alan H. Litwin

Alan H. Litwin | Managing director, Khan, Litwin, Renza & Co. Ltd.1. What’s the atmosphere been like at KLR since the new tax law...
SHINING EXAMPLE: Workers install solar panels at East Providence Forbes Street project, due for completion in 2017. / PBN FILE PHOTO/BRIAN MCDONALD

Imported solar tax seen as hurting local industry

PROVIDENCE – The Trump Administration’s new tax on imported solar panels isn’t likely to shutter local businesses, but it could hurt the industry and...

Restivo Monacelli Announces David Lichtenstein CPA/MST as Partner, Tax Compliance and...

PROVIDENCE, R.I., November 8, 2017 – Restivo Monacelli LLP, an innovative tax, accounting and business advisory firm, today announced the appointment of David Lichtenstein...

Restivo Monacelli Announces Five New Accountants

PROVIDENCE, R.I., July 25, 2017 – Restivo Monacelli LLP, an innovative tax, accounting and business advisory firm, announces its continued growth and expansion with...

Rhode Island must pursue revenue growth

Chicken Little and the elephant in the room: Is the revenue sky really falling?As we approach the end of the 2017 General Assembly, there...
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