Five Questions With: Thomas Sweeney

Thomas Sweeney is the founder and owner of Sweeney Real Estate & Appraisal, of Providence. He spoke to the Providence Business News this week about some recent transactions and listings.

PBN: You have listed a converted mill at 134 Thurbers Ave., available for lease. It’s a fairly large space, about 14,000 square feet. What is this?

SWEENEY: It was converted for multiple tenants in the 1990s. It has been office space. There have been multiple users in there. Historically, it’s been medical-related uses. We just put a temporary employment agency in there. It’s multiple suites on two floors.


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PBN: You have an unusual building listed for sale in Woonsocket. It is an octagonal brick building. What is the story behind that?

SWEENEY: It was a gasification plant. That was converted probably 20 or 25 years ago by the previous owner. It’s been an office space for a while. We’ve had a lot of inquiries on it. But we just put it under agreement, again. I don’t think the uniqueness of the building is what has impacted it, it’s more its location. It’s a little off the beaten path.

PBN: You have a large property, the former Benny’s distribution center and headquarters, under agreement in North Smithfield. What can you tell us about this?

SWEENEY: It is under agreement. Redevelopment is being proposed for it. But at this point, I can’t get into any other details. It would be converted to an alternate use. Since it’s an old mill property, there are some issues we need to work through.

PBN: You have some recent sales in northern Rhode Island, including one on Louisquisset Pike. Is there more interest lately in this area of Rhode Island?

SWEENEY: I think there’s interest throughout the state. Northern Rhode Island just happens to be more fully developed, so there are opportunities up there.

PBN: So, there are more buildings available?

SWEENEY: If you look at the state and how it was developed, over its history, north of the city, [it was influenced by] all of the mills. I think there is just more opportunity up there.

Mary MacDonald is a staff writer for the PBN. Contact her at