For a hit, keep eye on PawSox ball

Having already established that the new plan for a Pawtucket Red Sox ballpark is a good one, now it falls to the principals to get all the required signoffs.

Getting a plan like this passed is more small ball than long ball. The fundamental details require sober analysis and discussion to make sure all is as it should be. What it doesn’t require, however, is more political posturing than necessary.

From the outside at least, it appears that Gov. Gina M. Raimondo and House Speaker Nicholas A. Mattiello are engaged in a game of chicken. There is some history here, but mostly it looks to involve the conflict between his legislative agenda and the governor’s.

As for the governor, her coy endorsement/nonendorsement is a little too precious. Sure, she wants to focus on her Rhode Island Promise initiative. But her team was deep in the negotiations for the deal, so it’s clearly a priority.

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So by all means, take the time needed to give this plan a good hearing. A fall special session might be a good way to approach it. But remove the posturing. That’s how good plans go bad.