Lawyers helping each other

Former state Rep. Daniel Reilly, a lawyer by trade, left politics last year to focus on his law practice.

In May, he launched a startup called Legably, a lawyer-to-lawyer network that allows attorneys to find flexible employment on a project-by-project basis.

“What you see in the freelance economy is that more and more people are making a go of it,” Reilly said.

The web-based platform allows lawyers – independent, or otherwise – the opportunity to connect with other lawyers, either for hire, or to be hired. The idea was born out of Reilly’s personal experience of having a difficult time connecting a client with an out-of-state lawyer. His best guess was Google.

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“There’s got to be a better way to find a vetted attorney and hand them work and manage the workflow,” Reilly said.

Legably has already attracted some seed funding, and Reilly hopes to launch by fall. Legably will also give attorneys the opportunity to rate each other.

“I think [attorneys] are going to eat it up,” he said.

Eli Sherman is a PBN staff writer. Email him at, or follow him on Twitter @Eli_Sherman.