Let’s meet

Do you or your company regularly hold or attend in-office meetings?
Yes: 100%
No: 0%

How much of your time at work is spent attending meetings?
Less than one-quarter: 38.89%
Between one-half and one-quarter: 33.33%
More than half: 27.78%

What kind of meetings do you hold or attend? (Select multiple answers)
Interdepartmental: 83.33%
Conference calls: 72.22%
Board meetings: 61.11%
Network meetings: 50%
Public forums: 38.89%
Other: 33.33%

What are your main objectives in attending meetings? (Select multiple answers)
Creating and implementing new ideas: 88.24%
Keeping staff up to date on company information: 88.24%
Communicating company goals/procedures: 64.71%
Bettering company’s structure and morale: 64.71%
Other: 23.53%

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