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Fiscally sound

When does your company put together its fiscal year budgets? Spring: 40% Fall: 40% Winter: 20% Summer: 0% Is the budget an aspirational guide to operations or a strict...
GOV. GINA M. RAIMONDO renewed her call for a ban on assault weapons in her inaugural address at the Statehouse. / PBN FILE PHOTO/NICOLE DOTZENROD

Raimondo signs $9.6B budget for fiscal 2019

PROVIDENCE – Gov. Gina M. Raimondo signed the fiscal year 2019 $9.6 billion budget, passed by the General Assembly, Friday. The general revenue total in...
THE GENERAL ASSEMBLY has approved a $9.6 billion budget to be sent to Governor Gina M. Raimondo to sign. / PBN FILE PHOTO/NICOLE DOTZENROD

General Assembly approves $9.6B budget for FY 2019

PROVIDENCE – The General Assembly passed a $9.6 billion fiscal year 2019 budget Wednesday that, among many things, provides for the legalization of gambling...

House-passed budget outlines revenue-sharing from sports betting

PROVIDENCE — The House late Friday approved a $9.6 billion budget that continues a car-tax phaseout and outlines how revenue from newly authorized sports...
TIME TO VOTE: The Senate Finance Committee on Jan. 9 will hold a much-anticipated hearing on financing for a new Pawtucket Red Sox stadium. / COURTESY PAWTUCKET RED SOX

Are lawmakers ready to deal on PawSox?

The General Assembly has returned to work with a few critical topics to consider and a host of other issues that will likely lead...

Broken politics encourages deficit busting

If you stayed up until the wee small hours earlier this month to watch the passage of the Republican tax bill, you heard a...

Tax reform is not about ‘cuts’

When Congress recently adopted a budget, the White House responded (as it is wont to do) with a tweet. “Budget passes House,” it read....

Rhode Island must pursue revenue growth

Chicken Little and the elephant in the room: Is the revenue sky really falling? As we approach the end of the 2017 General Assembly, there...
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