Virtualization Changes the Game

Most companies have IT departments out of necessity, but those teams often spend much of their time putting out fires and not contributing in strategic ways that are attributed to growing a business.

Even large companies struggle with attracting and retaining deeply technical IT professionals for a variety of reasons. There’s a difference between being strategic and simply hiring personnel to address trouble calls. Generalists are essential to keeping clients and employees calm when technology issues arise, but companies need IT leaders to help move missions and strategies forward.

Sometimes, an external partner is needed to free up leaders to actually lead.

That’s where companies like RapidScale and other technical service providers come in. By augmenting existing staff, employees are free to focus not on technology issues and troubleshooting but instead making business transformation a reality.

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Virtualization is solving many of these typical business problems of leaders being tied down by everyday IT challenges. Not only does a virtualization partner help tackle some of the day-to-day IT affairs of an organization, but it also removes the stress of hardware decisions from the equation. With virtualization, teams aren’t worried about making investments in equipment that may be cheaper tomorrow, or obsolete in six months.

Combining the support and expertise on the backend with the ability to migrate away from on-premise solutions makes virtualization a win-win for many organizations facing IT challenges.

Integration of Popular Platforms

One of the ways companies like RapidScale make virtualization a smart and cost-effective alternative to on-premise software is through the integration of widely used platforms, such as Microsoft Office 365.

The addition of the Office 365 suite complements RapidScale’s existing, broad portfolio of cloud services and meets client demand for the common business applications and services. It offers users seamless access to up-to-date office applications they’re familiar with across any Internet-connected device, including smartphones, tablets and laptops, enabling a BYOD model with management and security to support it. RapidScale Managed Office 365 simplifies deployment and management, making the transition easier for clients and their users.

With multiple Office 365 options and RapidScale’s cloud solutions to choose from, customers can take advantage of a complete managed cloud model that meets all of their business requirements.

“As an existing Microsoft Service Provider Partner, we are uniquely qualified to offer a Managed Office 365 solution to our customers,” says Duane Barnes, Director of Solutions Engineering. “We’ve seen growing demand from the partner and customer communities for a provider that can manage the entire customer environment from the infrastructure to the desktops, so we are very excited to be able to add the Microsoft Office 365 solutions to our robust product portfolio.”

On-Premise or in the Cloud, Collaboration is Key

In an ideal world, your IT teams focus on initiatives that improve processes, create new revenue streams, and elevate user experience for employees and customers. Their insider perspective puts them in a great position to use technologies like AI and new analytics tools or develop custom apps to achieve business goals. However, if they’re distracted by fixing equipment, ordering licenses, and overseeing updates and downloads – all time consuming and important tasks – they can’t be exploring the next frontier of business IT solutions that could change your company’s future.

Finding a virtualization partner doesn’t mean eliminating your on-premise solutions, as a company like RapidScale can handle those responsibilities as well. Partners are essential to your company’s success, whether on a major, transformative project or simply managing your daily IT needs. But in some ways, with the arrival of virtualization, your IT department has the potential to be just as transformative as any other aspect of your business.

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