Workplace diversity work in progress

While strides have been made to improve diversity in the workplace, two stories in this week’s focus section show there’s plenty more to be done.

A story on Brown University’s attempts to improve faculty diversity shows progress, albeit slow. Tenure-track status among historically underrepresented groups has improved, though their tenured status remained the same between 2012-13 and 2015-16. Tenured, tenure-track and nontenure-track female faculty grew. International faculty, however, saw small declines in all three categories during the same period.

In the state’s energy industry, the news is less encouraging. Men hold more than eight in 10 jobs and the wage gap persists.

But there is hope in the fast-growing renewable-energy sector, which is less dependent on engineering degrees than the broader industry. Let’s hope local businesses lead the way in helping women take advantage of the ­opportunity.

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