Ballard’s Beach bar ordered to remove ‘unauthorized’ structures

BALLARD'S BEACH Resort on Block Island has been ordered by the Coastal Resources Management Council to remove its “unauthorized” iki bar, canopies, a stage, fending and pergola by Nov. 9. / PBN FILE PHOTO/K. CURTIS

NEW SHOREHAM – The problems continue for Ballard’s Beach Resort on Block Island. 

This time the ire comes from the Coastal Resources Management Council. That panel on Sept. 27 ruled the tiki bar, canopies, a stage, fencing and pergola were “unauthorized” and ordered their removal from the Ballard’s property, WPRI-TV CBS 12 reported Friday. 

The CRMC told Ballard’s in a letter that any construction, grading, or filling activities and other changes within 200 feet of tidal waters or coastal ponds must first be submitted to the CRMC for review, according to the report. 

Ballard’s has until Nov. 9 to remove the structures or submit an application to have them remain on the property. 

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On Aug. 8, R.I. State Police first responded to reports of a fight at Ballard’s Beach Resort, where one person was arrested for disorderly conduct, The Associated Press reported. Later that night, shortly after 9:30 p.m., another fight broke out on a ferry traveling back to Narragansett. 

The fracas forced the resort to cancel its Roots and Rhythm Festival that was scheduled for Aug. 21. 

Also in response to the Aug. 8 incident, New Shoreham Board of License Commissioners suspended Ballard’s liquor and entertainment licenses for 14 days on Aug. 22. However, The Department of Business Regulation issued a stay of the New Shoreham Board of License Commissioners’ decision on Aug 24. 

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