Five Questions With: Jane Driver

Jane Driver is a sales agent for the new West Side offices of Residential Properties Ltd. The office will serve multiple neighborhoods on the west and south sides of Providence. Driver spoke to the Providence Business News about the new offices.

PBN: What area is the focus for the new office?

DRIVER: Residential Properties saw that there was a real need to branch out from the East Side and to have a presence on the West Side of the city. The Broadway office will focus on the Armory District, historic Elmwood and Washington Park and the Broadway and Federal Hill neighborhoods. We would also love to serve Elmhurst. We are so excited to be part of such an amazing company. The agents here in this office also live close by.

PBN: How much sales activity is happening on the west and south sides of the city?

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DRIVER: Off the charts to put it simply. The Armory District has always been attractive to those homeowners that want a little more flavor and diversity. There is a real sense of community over here and in historic Elmwood. That is something that is hard to find anywhere else and it definitely attracts a certain type of buyer.

PBN: What is unique about the area?

DRIVER: The housing stock is unique and beautiful and is also somewhat affordable, especially if someone buys a multifamily.

PBN: What is the background of your team?

DRIVER: One of the nice things about our office is that the agents here all live in the neighborhood. We really believe in participating in community events. We also strongly believe that it is not just a house that you are buying, it is the entire neighborhood.

We all feel so lucky to be doing what we do. If one were to read each of our bios, they would see that even though we are all different, we all believe in this side of the city and in the neighborhoods that we work in. We really do live in an amazing city.

PBN: What is the biggest misconception that people have about this area of Providence?

DRIVER: I would have to say that people do [not] realize how good the Providence public school system is here. My two children grew up in Elmwood and really thrived. I think that there are a couple of reasons for this. One, the sense of community and all of the amazing resources that are there for kids such as City Arts, New Urban Arts, Community Music Works, The Steel Yard, just to name a few. And I think that the public school system actually does a pretty good job of teaching our kids. I really wish more parents would take a chance and send their kids to a neighborhood school.

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