‘Grow with Google’ coming to PPL

To the Editor:
Providence Public Library has always played a fundamental role in our community. Since the library’s doors first opened in 1878, we have been meeting the unique needs of the Providence community that relies on our services. What started with a group of local leaders meeting to establish a free library has evolved into one of the top education resources for all in Rhode Island. Part of what has enabled us to continue to serve the public is our capacity to keep pace with our rapidly evolving world.

We are pleased to continue in this role by hosting “Grow with Google” events in Rhode Island. The nationwide tour is the tech company’s initiative to help create economic opportunities for Americans through digital skills training. On May 29, the tour will stop at PPL for a day of workshops and trainings for small businesses, job seekers and anyone else who wants to improve their know-how. Google trainers will also provide our librarians, as well as librarians from nearby areas and trainers from other organizations, with the tools and resources to provide these trainings on an ongoing basis.

This is a critical first step. Skills necessary to thrive in today’s workplaces will continue to change as technology evolves and the average office becomes more digitized. We hope that more and more members of our community will join those who already recognize our library as more than a place to check out a book, but also a place to learn and retain valuable skills for the jobs of today and of tomorrow.

Jack Martin
Providence Public Library executive director

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