New England Tech, Health Department
to collaborate on training

EAST GREENWICH – The New England Institute of Technology is collaborating with the state Department of Health to train New England Tech students in a range of public-health disciplines, the school has announced.

NEIT said the partnership will include:

  • Collaborative health-policy development initiatives and quality improvement programs.
  • Professional education programs for health professionals requiring continuing education credits.
  • Development of customized education and training programs for health professionals.
  • Development of a health care speakers bureau to benefit professionals and university students.
  • Learning opportunities for NEIT students through the Department of Health’s Public Health Scholar Program.
  • Research and learning opportunities for NEIT students and faculty.
  • The sharing of data and resources to aid in research, public policy development and health planning.

In addition, Magali Angeloni, program director for New England Tech’s Master of Public Health online program, will participate in the Public Health Academic Working Group, which is organized by the Department of Health and Brown University. The group helps to integrate public-health research and education with practice and policy.

“We are very excited about the opportunities that this new collaboration will offer our students and faculty,” said Douglas Sherman, senior vice president and provost at New England Tech. “From research and learning opportunities to assisting in the development of new and innovative public-health policy initiatives, this new affiliation will provide students relevant work experiences that will better prepare them to become the future leaders of Rhode Island’s public health community.”

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“This new partnership between the RIDOH Academic Center and New England Tech will allow us to pool our resources and expertise in dynamic, innovative ways to address health disparities and work toward health equity at the community level,” said Laurie Leonard, director of the Department of Health’s Academic Center. “As New England Tech is growing its public-health program, this partnership will bring together excellent researchers, public-health professionals and ambitious, talented students who are eager to embark on careers building healthier communities throughout the entire state.”