Five Questions With: Ross Nelson

Ross Nelson is the market vice president for New England at Cox Communications. In January, the digital TV and communications provider announced the launch of Cox Mobile, its second attempt at a cell phone service after a short-lived 2010 service, available to Cox internet customers throughout the United States.

PBN: Why did Cox decide to launch a mobile service?

NELSON: The convergence of wired and mobile communications has never been more important, and customers recognize Cox as a reliable provider of connectivity. The most important relationship we have is with our customers. Cox Mobile gives us the opportunity to continue building that relationship through a simple and trustworthy connectivity experience that meets their mobile needs and makes their lives easier.

PBN: Cox previously launched a mobile service in 2010, which shut down after a year. Why was this service discontinued, and what makes this effort different?

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NELSON: The timing wasn’t right for our business then. We’ve learned a lot about the mobile industry over the past several years and we’ve worked hard to understand our customers and what they want, need and expect from their mobile provider. Our past learnings, a favorable marketplace and strong team invoke great confidence that Cox Mobile will be a successful addition to our product suite.

PBN: Will Cox make and sell its own phones as part of this network? If so, how does the company plan for the phones to stand out from existing competition?

NELSON: No. We will work with our device partners to provide our customers with the devices they expect and love.

PBN: What are subscriber numbers like so far, and how does that align with the company’s goals or expectations?

NELSON: It’s too early in our journey to comment on customer numbers.

PBN: What are the next steps planned for the mobile network?

NELSON: We plan to announce Cox Mobile’s newest business updates at Mobile World Congress on Feb. 27.

Jacquelyn Voghel is a PBN staff writer. You may reach her at