Nestor to install pilot CrossingGuard systems in Iowa and Kansas

PROVIDENCE — Nestor Traffic Systems, an affiliate of Nestor, Inc., has been given the go-ahead to install pilot versions of its red light enforcement system in two municipalities.

The municipalities — Dubuque, Iowa and Overland Park, Kansas — have agreed to install pilot programs of Nestor Traffic Systems’ CrossingGuard technology. CrossingGuard is a video-based automated red light enforcement system that detects and records red light violations, electronically transmits digital images, and issues citations.

According to Nestor, the city councils of each municipality voted to approve the implementation of the technology, with the intention to introduce the technology to the local community, garner public support, and make a case for statewide legislation and standards to address the problem of red light running.

Last week, Nestor announced it received $6 million in financing from business processor EDS to support installation of CrossingGuard. Plano, Texas-based EDS, which has offices in Providence and Cranston, provides back-end services related to the processing of CrossingGuard’s traffic citations.

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