Five Questions With: Thomas Bucci

Warwick Ice Cream Co. has created a new ice cream to help support Hasbro Children’s Hospital and it is currently available at various locations across the state. Thomas Bucci, the owner of Warwick Ice Cream, recently spoke with PBN about this initiative and the company’s goals to support the children’s hospital.

PBN: How did the idea to create an ice cream flavor for Hasbro Children’s Hospital come about?

BUCCI: The week before Christmas, Jenny Perreira, who is Hasbro [Children’s Hospital’s] cause-related marketing agent, came in and talked to our team about the [hospital’s capital] campaign “Every Child, Every Day.” They were going to raise $35 million to add more rooms and improvements to the hospital. As soon as she said it, we thought … why don’t we do something that no one has ever done before, something larger than life that could be more impactful, and come out with an ice cream and include Hasbro Children’s Hospital.

PBN: How much in proceeds raised from sales will benefit the hospital and what will it go toward?

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BUCCI: It will go toward the capital campaign “Every Child, Every Day,” and for every pint sold, we’re going to donate $1 to go to the children at the hospital.

PBN: How many units do you plan to sell for this initiative?

BUCCI: If we can sell 100,000 to 200,000 pints, I would be happy with that.

PBN: How long will this ice cream be made available?

BUCCI: Our agreement with Hasbro will be to have the product for about 16 months. But, if the product does well and people are receptive to it, and they get out there and support it, we’ll keep it going. Also, with other campaigns, we can come out with new flavors as well. It’s going to be available in pint form and at select scoop shops throughout Rhode Island.

PBN: What flavor(s) will this ice cream contain?

BUCCI: This is going to have premium chocolate ice cream with a toffee crunch from our friends at Anchor Toffee [in Newport] and it’s going to have a salted caramel, but it will be called salted “care”amel. It’s going to be awesome.

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