Alviti: Bridge bypass lanes could be opened this weekend; traffic snarls easing

Update at 1:16 p.m.

CONSTRUCTION crews work on the eastbound lanes of the Washington Bridge in Providence. Authorities say they have found a critical structural failure and temporarily closed westbound lanes to begin a repair job that could take months. / ASSOCIATED PRESS FILE PHOTO / STEW MILNE

PROVIDENCE – R.I. Department of Transportation Director Peter Alviti Jr. on Wednesday said the state plans to open bypass lanes on the Washington Bridge as soon as this weekend to help ease major traffic snarls caused by the safety-related closure of westbound lanes. State officials on Dec. 11 said it could take two weeks or

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  1. 1) how did ‘experienced’ engineers miss the cut pipes in July 2023?
    2) yes, this is inconvenience however, I would think more people would be pleased that the deficiency was found NOW rather than having a bridge collapse at rush hour with potential killing and injuries of many.
    3) this is the Holiday season to be grateful — be grateful that the bridge did not collapse, it is being repaired, there are options available for work, dr. appointments, schooling, shopping, restaurants, and more — if you would ONLY stop and think how to re-work your negatives into positives. If Only and OMG my business is going to sink are negatives — think outside of the box and Providence Business News needs to be aiding POSTIVE Possibilities not feeding the negative

  2. I agree with Christine above…turn your negatives in to positives and count your blessings that the bridge didn’t collapse. We need all the resourced, connected thinkers to come together and solve problems instead of dodging shortsighted calls to resign this…fire that. Come together, RI. Step up PBN and help lead the way by turning your light on experience and action.