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Majewski’s Nexus spurring a ‘cosmic shift’

Business Women Awards 2019 | WOMEN TO WATCH, PROFESSIONAL SERVICES Carrie Majewski, Women in Leadership Nexus A NEW YORKER WHO moved to Rhode Island a...

Nexus RI Chapter Celebrates One Year of Impact and Next-Gen Leadership...

Cranston, R.I. – Friday, March 1, 2019—Over the last year, the Women in Leadership Nexus has cultivated a group of professional, purpose-driven women looking...
CARRIE MAJEWSKI, founder and CEO of the Women in Leadership Nexus, plans to extend the group's reach in 2018 by officially launching Rhode Island chapter and online memberships. / COURTESY CARRIE MAJEWSKI

Five Questions With: Carrie Majewski

Carrie Majewski is the founder and CEO of the Women in Leadership Nexus, a networking group to empower women as leaders in both the...
THE PROP: Carrie Majewski is not afraid of dreaming big, holding a framed quote that she lives by: “What if I fall? Oh, my darling, what if you fly?”

Carrie Majewski, 29 Founder/CEO — Women in Leadership Nexus

Where do you see yourself professionally in 20 years? I envision myself running onto a large stage, microphone in hand, looking out at a sea...

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