Lifespan ER doctor named to Epic national advisory board

PROVIDENCE – An emergency medicine physician who practices at Lifespan Corp.’s Rhode Island and The Miriam hospitals has been named to a national advisory board for electronic health record software used across the U.S. and internationally.

As a member of the Emergency Medicine Steering Board for Epic, Dr. Jared Anderson will help advise on what clinicians need when retrieving and storing data on electronic health records and report users’ feedback. Information from the board is intended to improve care and outcomes for patients who need emergency treatment.

Anderson, who will serve a two-year term on the board, has used his expertise in medical informatics to improve the Epic system throughout Lifespan’s emergency departments. He has worked with Epic to streamline the medication ordering process and made it easier to decide whether or not a patient needs medical imaging.

Anderson will join 11 other board members, all of whom work at Epic affiliates across the U.S. and who have been elected by Epic users in their specialty.

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Elizabeth Graham is a PBN contributing writer.